Best Markers for Writing on Tasting Mats

Best crayons and pens for your custom mats at your wine tasting party

What are the best markers for scribbling notes all over your custom CrushTag tasting mat? We test them so you don’t have to! We tested a few different options: dry erase marker, dry erase crayon, dry erase pencil, washable crayon and Sharpie.  

The results.

Dry Erase Pencil was our favorite for writing on the mats. It doesn’t smudge when you run your finger over it. It will wipe away with water so if you have big drips you’ll want to blot not wipe. It has a finer tip so it is easier to write with than a crayon. Clean up is easy with a rag and water.

Washable crayon and dry erase crayons are a close second. They have all the same properties as the pencil but are harder to write notes with due to the thicker stroke. However, washable crayons are easy to find (many grocery stores carry them) and works perfectly fine for ranking and scoring.

If you are writing on white/unprinted areas dry erase does work and is less prone to wiping off but it will ghost (permanently mark) print areas so use with caution. We were able to remove the dry erase with regular window cleaner.

Sharpie doesn’t come off at all, not recommended for this use. Wet erase also takes a bit longer to dry and gets really runny with moisture.

We recommend testing out any of the non-washable items first on the back to make sure they act as expected.

Happy drinking and ranking!

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