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Make Your Own Wine Labels With Your Photos

It's Easy And Fun At CrushTag!

At CrushTag, we are experts at helping you create your own wine label with a photo you provide.  In fact, it’s not only easy to do, but fun as well.  The only hard part is deciding which great photo to use on your batch of brand new photo wine labels!


Photo Wine Labels look great, especially when placed nicely on your homemade wine bottle.  Many people look at them and think it must be a difficult and painful task to make something that looks so good, and it probably costs too much money to do well.  What these folks don’t realize is the power of CrushTag! 

Choose An Appropriate Photo

The first thing we have to find out is what your wine is for.  Did you make it for general drinking - say, a table wine?  Or did you have something more elegant in mind, like a wedding, or graduation party?  Your custom wine labels with photos should match the occasion that your wine is being opened for, and that mainly depends on your photo.  This is also the fun part of making a custom wine label using a photo - it can be as serious or as playful as you like! For a little inspiration, check out our Hall of Fame Gallery, to see some of the great photo wine labels that some of our customers have created.

Simply Upload Your Photo Then Personalize The Wine Label

Once you have chosen your photo, the next step is to figure out which of our Wine Templates fit your event, and can also accept an uploaded photo.  Not all of our templates are designed to do so, but finding those ones that do allow photos is simple.  Move your mouse over Design tab on the menu bar at the top and select the the option labeled "Designs With Photo Upload" Grab a glass of wine and settle in, there are some really good choices to work with from here!

Photo Wine Labels - Making Them Your Own

Once you choose the template that best suits your wine and your event, click on it.  On the right side of the screen you will find a few options icons. Click on the pencil icon to start editing the text. Let your creativity run wild - there is no charge for having fun!  Sometimes it helps to just write something - anything - in the spaces provided if you have writer's block. Upload a photo by clicking on the preview image on the bottle. Perhaps seeing your photo in the template will help you fill out the rest of the label.  Don’t forget, your soon-to-be “photo wine labels” are reusable, so they can be peeled off and put on another bottle of wine if you like!  Or, they make great souvenirs, so also keep that in mind when planning out your wine labels. 

Your Perfect Photo Wine Label, Ready For Delivery

Once you have everything in place, click the “Add to Table” button to the right of the label template, and this will advance the screen.  If you would like to go back and make another custom wine label with another photo, you can hit the “Add More” button, or click the “Check Out” to finish ordering. 

Quick, Easy, And Professional Results for Lasting Memories

See?  A truly easy and painless way of creating your very own photo wine labels using our numerous label templates.  The only trouble you will have is … what photo to use?

Good Luck!

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