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Make Your Own Personalized Custom Wine Bottle Stickers

Decorative Vinyl Wine Stickers

You know that CrushTag is the right place to get a self adhesive wine labels, but you may be wondering if there is a label or sticker for your jelly, party favors or other items. Our labels are essentially vinyl stickers. Call them wine bottle stickers, wine stickers or just labels but they can be used to decorate any smooth, clean, dry surface.

Create Your Own Custom Vinyl Stickers

Use our professionally designed templates to create a sticker design that perfectly suits your needs. Perhaps you are looking for a label for your body scrub to give as gifts or favors. Our Mini tag is a removable vinyl sticker sized 3 inches by 1 inch. Once applied to a jar, it is no longer a wine label sticker...because it has been transformed into a jar sticker! We offer lots of other different sized label stickers. We have our medium sized Basic label sticker that looks great on small swing top bottles of homemade limoncello or larger jars of preserves. We have the larger Volo label sticker that looks great on a Boston Round style bottle of homemade shrub or kombucha. Got a lot of information you want to include? Use the long, skinny Full Wrap label sticker to cover the whole area of your bottle. We’ve seen our labels on everything from fruit wine to lip balm. It may say it is a wine label or beer label because that is what it is commonly used for...but to our creative customers it is a blank, self adhesive canvas that puts the finishing touch on any project!

More Personalized Sticker Design Ideas

Need more ideas on how to maximize our labels or fun projects to create? Our blog is chock full of samples and tutorials. Also check out our Pinterest page to get great ideas and recipes for tons of DIY projects. As a team we love creating. We’ve made our own beer, wine, cider, kombucha, cyser, fruit wine, body scrubs, lip balm, lotion, infused vodka...sometimes even in the office! If you have a successful project that you have used our labels on, share it on our social media. We'd love to hear from you on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Together let’s inspire another year of making awesome creations and making them beautiful. 

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