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Personalized Mini Wine Bottle Labels for Wedding Favors

Wow Your Guests with Personalized Mini Wine Bottle Labels at Your Next Event

Wedding favors show your guests how much you appreciate their support, so don’t give them something they will toss away the next day. Treat your guests with personalized mini wine bottle labels that are unique, personal, and sure to be used right away! Or ask your best friend to be your maid of honor with a mix pack, with each mini wine bottle personalized with her name. Consider honoring parents with something to tuck in pocket or purse, perhaps a small bottle of their favorite style customized with small wine bottle labels.

There are Many Ways to Present Your Customized Bottle Labels

Presentation is important - and these miniature wine bottle labels will look great as table decor whether arranged as place settings, centerpieces or on a special table at the reception. Personalized mini wine labelsare also an easy DIY thanks to our selection of elegant templates.

Start by Using Our Mini Wine Bottle Label Templates with Professional Designs

If you are looking for a mini wine bottle label template that just needs some quick modification we recommend shopping by product. On the bottles we tested, the horizontal basic label fit beautifully. The horizontal basic label is 3.5 wide by 2.5 inches tall. Remember to always check your bottle, since each one is a little different, to make sure the label will fit properly. Some our favorite design label templates for creating mini wine bottle labels are Five Bunch, Bacchus, and Elegant. If you are the type that believes a picture is worth a thousand words, consider the very flexible Blanc label.

Now Customize and Personalize

After you’ve chosen the perfect label template for your mini bottle wedding favors from our website, add in all of your personalized information and colors. Before you complete your order make sure your label looks exactly how you want it to print because this is your chance to check spelling and such. For this application we recommend the vinyl labels. Not only are they are repositionable but they will stand up to everything from sweaty palms to sweaty bottles and drips.

Our Vinyl Easy Peel Labels Can Be Reused or Repurposed

When you’re ready to start assembling your mini wine bottle favors just peel the original label off (or soak the bottles in warm, soapy water to easily wipe the label off) let them them dry completely, and then put on your own personalized mini wine bottle labels! Don’t worry if you don’t get it perfectly straight - if you chose the vinyl labels they easily peel off and you can place them again perfectly.

So Many Opportunities Beyond Mini Wine Bottle Wedding Favors

Remember, mini wine bottles wedding favors aren’t the only thing that takes a label. Consider labeling mason jars of sangria, jars of honey or jam, infused liquors or mixers, small bags or tea or coffee. A custom label can elevate almost any favor or gift. And when the guest have enjoyed their favor, they can easily peel off the label to keep as memento.


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