How to Manage Your Photos

Using Album Management Under Your Account Settings Allows You To Edit, Delete and Upload

One of the benefits of having an account is the ability to manage your photos and access them in any product. For more information on how to create an account see the Tutorial on How to Create and Use an Account. If you are logged in, every time you upload a photo it will automatically place it into your default album. When you Edit an image you will have the opportunity to access your photos in your album. To manage your Albums, log into your account and hit that 'Account' link. From there you will navigate to Album Management.

1.) Select 'Album Management' under your account. You must have an account and be logged in.

The highlighted term shows which section you are in under your Account.

2.) "+": Add photos button.

Clicking the + icon will open the Upload window. Select the gray "Upload from desktop" button in the bottom left. Follow the prompt to select a photo from your desktop. Select the image you want to add to your album. Please note you can add multiple images to the upload screenand hit the "Done" button.

3.) Click an image to open the image viewer - this is where you can delete images

Clicking an image will bring up the image viewer. From here you will see only one image at a time.

Using the Image Viewer and How to Delete Images

Once inside the image viewer (gray background) the images are larger so you can see them better. Photos must be deleted one a time using the image viewer.

When you log in to your account (or you've just created one) the Log In link switches from 'Log In' to 'Account' and 'Log Out'. Hitting the 'Account' link brings up your Account Page. You can only delete one photo at a time using the image viewer.

1.) Three dots: click to access the 'Delete' button

You can only delete one image at a time. Bring the image up you wish to delete. Choose your image by either clicking on it from the Album Management screen or by using the arrow to the left of the image to advance to the next image in the album. Once your image is on screen, click the three dots button once. It will flip to a 'Delete' button. Hit 'Delete' once to remove the image. If the image does not remove it may be because it is being used in an active job. Once your job has shipped you should be able to delete the image. Please email support if you have any questions.

2.) 'X': how to close and return to the main Album Management screen

Update information on the right using the form fields. You will also see additional actions such as 'New', 'Edit', and 'Delete' and 'Re-Order' buttons in different sections.

3.) '<': click to flip through images

Clicking on the arrow advances to the next image in the album. Flip through your images one by one and delete as needed.

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