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Personalized Champagne Bottle Labels for Gifts

Give a Gift of Personalised Champagne

Customized labels transform any plain champagne bottle into the perfect gift for wedding favors, bridal showers or even asking your best friend to be your bridesmaid or best man. A truly unique and custom gift of personalized champagne isn’t hard to pull off with our selection of easy to use templates.

Start with A Champagne Label Template

Go to the main navigation bar and single click the “Shop By Design” tab. You can select “See All Designs” from the drop down menu or scroll down and click “Weddings And Events” to narrow down your search. Once you have found the perfect champagne label template for your bottles, it is time to customize!

Custom Champagne Labels for Full Size or Mini Bottles

You may have chosen a design that has an option for uploading a photo, like Hipster Wine, or perhaps one that lets you choose between a few pre-designed icons, like Minimal Merlot. Either way, don’t forget to make sure you picked the correct size label for your bottle shape. For creating custom champagne labels on standard champagne bottles (750 mL) we recommend the landscape volo label. For creating champagne bottle labels to fit the smaller “mini” bottles (187 mL) we recommend the landscape basic labels. You can use the chart on the Shop By Bottle page to double check. Or print out the size pattern and cut out a label to double check fit.

Then Personalize It and Even Add a Photo

Once that is settled you get to choose the quantity and paper type, then you will be presented with form fields to enter in all of your info and see a preview of what your label will look like. Here you can play around with all of the customizable options like color, type and photos or icons until your set of personalized champagne labels is just the way you like it.

Check the Final Champagne Label Preview

As you are creating, you may find the preview isn’t reflecting your changes. This is usually because the image is still updating. If you see an update button appear down at the bottom, click it to force the process. It appears when there are lots of changes or if your connection is slower. But don’t worry! It will not let you proceed into the cart until you have previewed the most current version of your label. Remember, this is your chance to check spelling and such...make sure your champagne labels look exactly how you want it to print.

Final Approval and More Ideas

Click “Approve And Continue” and you are done! Soon your custom designs will be sent to your door and you can start crafting your personalised champagne bottle favors. Here are some other fun ideas to incorporate into creating your set of personalized champagne bottles….

  • A matching set of bottles with personalised champagne labels. Choose two different styles of champagne (sweet and brut). Create custom champagne bottle labels for each style. Gift one of each as a matching set. For weddings this could be a his and hers or a theme like “I’ll need my drinking buddy standing with me.” For a birthday it could say “Celebrations are better with company”.
  •  Decorate with ribbons. Maybe try tying some elegant ribbon or string around the bottle neck to add another special touch. Include a matching paper straw. Dip in glitter.
  • Make your custom champagne bottles part of a kit for bridesmaids or groomsmen. Include chocolates, cigars, nail polish and other fun items.

Personalised Champagne Bottles Complete

If your bottles have a label stuck to them already, we recommend soaking the bottles in warm soapy water to make the removal process much easier. Sometimes, an overnight soak in an oxygen-based cleaner such as OxyClean and warm water will cause the old labels to slip right off. After that, wipe the bottles dry and position your unique labels onto them to transform your personalised champagne bottles into the perfect gift. 

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