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Tips & Tricks: Spring Clean your Old Label

Do you have an old wine label that needs a quick refresh? Maybe someone built it for you years ago and you can no longer edit it. Maybe you like parts of your old wine label but are ready to freshen it up for your latest batch of wine. Here are some quick tips on how to easily transform an old label using our free online design templates for personalized labels.

How to start your custom wine label reformation

First you need to start with a good file that you can upload. Make sure it is a higher resolution file. If you are using the file you originally printed you are probably fine. If you are unsure, contact support and we'll take a look at it and flag any issues.

 Let's use this label as an example:

Pick a free custom label design template

Let's say you love the image and the name but you want to change the colors and font. Your last few wines did well at competitions and you want a more sophisticated label to show them off. First, you choose the design template that you like. For uploading a photo into your custom wine label you have lots of options.  We chose Bacchus since we were looking for a more traditional, sophisticated look.

Choose your size for the most impactful personalized label

Then choose the size. We love the Volo size for creating a custom wine label for a standard red wine bottle, but there are plenty to choose from. Depending on your bottle you may want to do some smaller labels for splits and some larger labels for full size bottles.

Upload your photo and Customize your wine label

We used the cropping tool to upload and adjust the parts of the old label we wanted to include.

Then we added our name, played with font set options and colors.

Order and enjoy!

Finally we chose our quantities and ordered! A new look for an old label and it only took a few minutes to create. 

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