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Personalized Birthday Wine Labels

Wine like people, just improves with age. So celebrate those big milestones with a personalized birthday wine label. To help get your imagination jump started we’ve chosen to show off 3 big birthday milestones using 3 of our templates.  Remember, these are just to get you started and show how simple it is to customize your own birthday wine labels!

40th birthday wine labels - Using the Hamlet Design

For the 40th we chose the design template Hamlet for this set of personalized wine labels for birthday boy, Todd. We chose Hamlet because we had a lot to say and a great photo of the birthday boy. Hamlet has different color and font options and a space for our photo. We uploaded a photo of the birthday boy in the Upload Your Own Image section. Then it was time to edit the text. We changed the owner line to say, “Todd is turning”, the main name to say,”40 years young,” and it still allowed a small paragraph under the photo.  Because we chose a front and back style label we have plenty of space on the back to share stories of both the wine and the birthday kid.

50th birthday wine labels - Using the Minimal Merlot Design

For the 50th we chose the Minimal design template. This party was a little more upscale so we chose a design that had lots of open space for an elegant look. Minimal has different colors you can choose for the background icon, as well as different icon images. We liked both the light blue and bright green choices to match the modern table settings. After some thought, we choose the keyhole and kept the bright green color for the icon and accent text because it looked so striking on the green bottle. Then we changed the name to “Unlock 50 Years” and the style to “of Todd’s Birthdays”. We then used the region to include both the region and the varietal. Again, we chose a front and back label so that we could write something sentimental celebrating our birthday boy on the back.

60th birthday wine labels - Using the Skull and Bones Design

Finally, for the 60th we decided to have a little fun with our birthday wine bottle labels. We chose the Skull and Crossbones design set. This set does not have a place to upload a photo, but it does have several different color combinations on the skull image and border. We were going for a pirate look, so we kept a black border and brown skull & bottles. We changed the owner line to “Todd’s” and the name to “Not DeAD YeT!” We edited the style line to read “ Aged 60 years.” Remember, the lines can say or be whatever suits the occasion. The form name of “style” is just a prompt of what typically goes in that space.

So many choices—funny, sophisticated, sentimental. Let your imagination fly and create a memorable label, hangtag or coaster for the next birthday party you host!

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