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The Perfect Choice For That Special Wine Maker

Gift Certificates to CrushTag makes a great gift for both the seasoned and amateur winemaker. 

Select the amount below. A code will automatically be generated for you. Then make sure you personalize your gift certificate so they know who to thank!

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Custom Bottle HangTags
2.25" x 7" paper collars to set your wine apart!

A perfect complement to an already labeled bottle.



Winery Signs
11.5 x 13 in. Metallic Signs For Your Home Winery

Dress up your home winery with professional, customized Metal Signs.


Wine Bottle Labels

Browse all of our different CrushTag Wine Label formats below. Feel free to play around and customize all you want – that part is free. Once you have it perfected, hit approve and place your order!


Carboy & Vat Labels
6 x 8 in. Laminated Labels for Your Fermenter

Permanent labels with a durable dry-erase laminate make keeping track of your wine easy!


4 x 4 in. Paper Coasters For Protecting Your Surfaces

All of our Coasters come in two paper options:  smooth, premium double-thick or thinner, textured economy weight. Now you need to decide if you want to customize one or two sides.

Upload your own artworkOr Customize One of Our Best Selling DesignsSee all designs

Product line

Upload Your Own Design

Product line

Uncomplicated Design

Product line

Stuck On You Design

Product line

The Knight Design

Product line

Wedding Syrah Design

Product Line: Guest artist Carrie Collins

Hunt is Over Design

Product line

Elegant Design

Product line

Harvest Design

One of our more strong designs, Harvest is one of the few labels that offers an alternate font set in addition to several different colors.  Use one of our images or upload your own!

Product Line: Guest artist Ben Quinn

McRoberts Elk Design

A classic, flexible design. Upload your photo or choose from the set of animals provided.

Product line

Wagging Tail Design

If you think pet hair is a flavor profile, then you’ll appreciate Wagging Tail. It’s the cat’s meow with plenty of background options, and cat or dog themes. Replace our pet picture with your own uploadable image to create the purrrfect label.

Product line

Backflip Design

Product Line: Guest artist Doug Pike

Wineheads Design

Featuring cartoons by Guest Artist Doug Pike, these labels are fun and sophisticated. If you are looking to make a label for your wine that can hang with the snobs or the block party, this is the one. 

Product line

Icon Design

Product line

Curiouser & Curiouser Design

For those times when things are about to get weird!  With five background colors to choose from, along with five default images, you can create your own bit of Wonderland.  Or upload your own image for that next level of customization. 

Product line

Five Bunch Design

Another popular design for weddings, the Five Bunch design has two font sets to choose from, along with the ability to upload your own image.  

Product line

Dirigible Do! Design

A good sipper for those with a taste for adventure.

Product line

Cloister Frock Design

This may be our most customizable design to date: three fonts sets, over eight default images to choose from, and nine different font colors – plus the ability to upload your own image!  Don’t let the frock fool you, Cloister Frock can fit in anywhere.

Product line

Sparkling Wine Design

Product line

Text Me Design

Product line

Thomas Wines Design

Crush BlogTips, Tricks and News, for Custom Wine Label Creators

Blog entry

Tips & Tricks: Spring Clean your Old Label
Do you have an old label that needs a refresh? Here is how to use the free design templates to update your look.

Do you have an old wine label that needs a quick refresh? Maybe someone built it for you years ago and you can no longer edit it. Maybe you like parts of your old wine label but are ready to freshen it up for your latest batch of wine. Here are some quick tips on how to easily transform an old label using our free online design templates for personalized labels.

Blog entry


Best Pet Wine Labels

If you are looking wine label ideas that celebrate animals, look no further!

One of the top trending label topics we see is with pets and animals. Clever wine labels featuring kitties and dogs. Unexpected, funny metal signs with furry faces. There are creative wine labels, funny wine labels, some with puns and others that are elegant and lovely. If you are animal lover and looking for some inspiration for your next custom label design, metal sign, or coaster….read on. The staff at CrushTag has compiled some of our favorite animal and pet labels from 2016.

Blog entry

Make Your Own Personalized Custom Wine Bottle Stickers

Decorative Vinyl Wine Stickers

You know that CrushTag is the right place to get a self adhesive wine labels, but you may be wondering if there is a label or sticker for your jelly, party favors or other items. Our labels are essentially vinyl stickers. Call them wine bottle stickers, wine stickers or just labels but they can be used to decorate any smooth, clean, dry surface.

Blog entry

Personalized Mini Wine Bottle Labels for Wedding Favors

Wow Your Guests with Personalized Mini Wine Bottle Labels at Your Next Event

Wedding favors show your guests how much you appreciate their support, so don’t give them something they will toss away the next day. Treat your guests with personalized mini wine bottle labels that are unique, personal, and sure to be used right away! Or ask your best friend to be your maid of honor with a mix pack, with each mini wine bottle personalized with her name. Consider honoring parents with something to tuck in pocket or purse, perhaps a small bottle of their favorite style customized with small wine bottle labels.

Blog entry

Personalized Champagne Bottle Labels for Gifts
Transform a Bottle of Champagne Into the Perfect Custom Gift

Give a Gift of Personalised ChampaGNE

Customized labels transform any plain champagne bottle into the perfect gift for wedding favors, bridal showers or even asking your best friend to be your bridesmaid or best man. A truly unique and custom gift of personalised champagne isn’t hard to pull off with our selection of easy to use templates.

Blog entry Harvest Volo Label Fit Guide

Personalized Wine Bottle Label Maker from Professional Designs

Free Wine Label Maker Design Templates

Our bottle label maker gets you access to to professional designs that you can customize. The best part is that using our templates and going through the design process is free. Beware, using the free wine label maker is addictive!

Blog entry

Homemade Wine Bottle Labels that Look Professional

Homemade Wine Labels as Great as Your Wine Tastes

It is crush season which means it is time to get this year’s batch of homemade wine going. Which also means it is time to start thinking of your label! You put lots of time and love into your wine, help elevate it with our custom homemade wine labels. All you have to do is design and approve it online, we will print and ship it to you.

Blog entry

Personalized Birthday Wine Labels

Wine like people, just improves with age. So celebrate those big milestones with a personalized birthday wine label. To help get your imagination jump started we’ve chosen to show off 3 big birthday milestones using 3 of our templates.  Remember, these are just to get you started and show how simple it is to customize your own birthday wine labels!

Blog entry

DIY Wine Labels Made Easy

Whether you are making your own wine, or putting your spin on an existing bottle…making do it yourself wine labels are simple with our system! At CrushTag it doesn’t matter if your DIY prowess lies more in the building and less in the designing because we have the perfect way to add the finishing touch on your DIY wine project, for every skill level.

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DIY Memory Coasters
A thoughtful decoration or gift

Do it yourself memory (and/or advice) coasters make a lovely addition to any party, birthday or wedding. We recommend ordering smaller batches of double sided coasters to create sets with different photos and/or memory prompts.